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ASCO Audio Journal of Oncology in Advance -July 1st, 2007 – reporting from: ASCO Annual Meeting, Chicago, June 1-5, 2007

Christian Manegold
Christian Manegold
Roy Herbst
Roy Herbst

More Support for Bevacizumab in Advanced Lung Cancer

REFERENCE: Abstract LBA7514, ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago June 1-5, 2007
CHRISTIAN MANEGOLD, Heidelberg University, Mannheim
COMMENT: ROY HERBST, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

The benefit of adding bevacizumab to chemotherapy for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer was further underlined by a phase III trial presented at ASCO. A European study tested two doses of the targeted agent with or without cisplatin plus gemcitabine chemotherapy. Derek Thorne heard the results from Christian Manegold of the University of Heidelberg.

David Baker
David Baker

Reduced Chemotherapy: Same Benefit in Pediatric Intermediate Risk Neuroblastoma

REFERENCE: Abstract 9504, ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago June 1-5, 2007
DAVID BAKER, Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth
A phase III study of pediatric patients with neuroblastoma has shown that chemotherapy doses can be reduced whilst maintaining the typical high survival rates of standard dose radiotherapy. Sarah Maxwell talked with investigator David Baker during the ASCO conference.

Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer

Oral Agent Benefits Patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer

REFERENCE: Abstracts 4513 and 4514, ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago June 1-5, 2007
ROBERT MAYER, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston
The oral pro-drug known as S-1 has been shown in two Japanese studies to bring survival benefit to patients with advanced gastric cancer. During the ASCO meeting Peter Goodwin asked Robert Mayer for the details and for his assessment of the importance of these new data.

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