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Bivalent Vaccine for HPV: Interim Phases III Data Show High Efficacy

Jorma Paavonen
Jorma Paavonen

REFERENCE: Lancet 369:2161-2170, 2007
JORMA PAAVONEN, University of Helsinki
High efficacy of the bivalent vaccine for human papillomavirus is reported in the Lancet by an international group headed by Jorma Paavonen from Helsinki. Nicola Solomon asked him about the interim findings of the 20,000-patient Phase III study, which look very promising.

Joe Gray
Joe Gray
Bill Hait
Bill Hait

Gene Expression Signatures to Predict Treatment Response

REFERENCE: ABSTRACT: 4963 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, 2007
JOE GRAY, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley
COMMENT: BILL HAIT, American Association for Cancer Research President, Raritan

Fine-tuning drug therapies to suit individual patients with cancer may be improved in the future by using a new gene test being developed at the University of California in San Francisco. Joe Gray explained to Karen Regester how it has already shown promise in predicting the response of breast cancer cells to lapatinib. His data, which he presented at the AACR, suggest that the test could be developed in the future to check the suitability of any cancer patient for therapy with a particular anticancer drug. The president of the AACR, Bill Hait, chaired the discussions at which Joe Gray delivered his latest data. Afterwards he gave Peter Goodwin his views about the new developments.

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